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Plan for 'ring road' with new amendments has been finalized, cost of the project is Rs.9000 crore, plans to acquire 2300 hectare of land
Expat Properties (I) Ltd.
Loksatta, Pune - February 9th, 2009
To reduce the traffic congestion in the city, the proposed 6- lane ‘ring road’ is in its final stages and the plan with new amendments for the same has been finalized. The proposed ring road will be 170 km long which will include 4 tunnels and a flyover in the water logging area of Khadakvasla dam, and will need a land acquisition of 2300 hectare. The cost of the project would be approximately Rs. 9000 crore. The proposal for the ring road through the borders of Pune – Pimpri Municipal Corporation was put forth by Guardian Minister Mr. Ajit Pawar. The proposal also expected to jointly bear the cost of acquisition of land by the two corporations, but this move was opposed by the Corporation. Since there were also technical difficulties in the construction of the ring road, the corporation demanded changes in the plan. So it was decided to make changes in the plan. Accordingly the Public Works Department (PWD) amended the plans and based on the amended plan the ring road would now pass through the borders of the two corporations.

According to the new plan, the new ‘ring road’ would be constructed in 4 phases. The first phase would be a 39 km road from Kesnand, Vagholi, Bhavdi, Tulapur, Alandi and Chimbalifata. The second phase would be a 43 km road from Chimbalifata to Nighoje, Sangurde, Shelarwadi, Shirgaon, and Chandkhed. The third phase of 51 km from Pirangut, Mula, Bahuli, Khadakvasla, Khamgaon, Kondanpur and the fourth phase of 32 km from Gogalwadi, Bhivdi, Wadkinala and Theur. Since this ring road would pass through the three high ways of Pune – Satara, Pune – Nashik and Pune – Solapur, it is proposed to construct a fly over on these routes.

Also because there are mountainous regions, it is proposed to dig tunnels at Ghoradeshwar mountain, Pimpoli – Pacharne Khind, Sinhghad – Kodanpur and Saswad Patar. Since the ring road also includes the Khadakvasla dam, the proposal to construct a fly over in the water logging area in that region is also being incorporated in the plan. An approximate of 2365 hectare (5910 acres) of land is to be acquired for this project. While acquiring the land, provision is also being made for ‘ring rail’.

Adjacent to the ring road, on 100 acres of land which belongs to big builders, will be used to construct an approximate 20-22 ‘satellite cities’. This ring road would be a profitable and potential development for these housing projects. It has also been proposed to construct service roads apart from the main ring road. There are many accidents on the Katraz – Dehoorsta road due to absence of a service road. Since this should not be the case with ring road and also there should be independent roads to enter the satellite cities, the provision to construct service roads had been made in the plan.

The city has been expanding rapidly. Due to the lack of space in the city, people started moving towards the suburban areas. Since the suburban areas are also crowded now, the question of transport arises. For the benefit of the people staying away from the city, the concept of ‘ring rail’ is also being given a thought in this plan. The plan for acquiring the land for ‘ring rail’ is also being included in the proposal. No decision has yet been taken on whether the project for the construction of the ring road should be assigned to Public and Works Department (PWD) or whether it should be given to other Agency. They are also thinking to promote a company by Pune and Pimpri – Chinchwad Municipal corporation for this project. It was also proposed to collect funds from the builders who will construct satellite cities. But no decision has been taken on this yet.

News impact on Expat Properties:
Genesis- the apartment project from Expat Properties stands to gain from the ring road project. The Alandi area will have good connectivity and this will bring convenience to the property since Genesis is located 4 kms from the ring road. Other areas will be easily accessible due to the ring road.

As the economic hubs of Bhosari and Chakan are located 12 kms from the property, the ring road will bring in more businesses to these hubs. This area will gain positively when increased businesses start to function here. There will be increased trade and this will, in turn, bring in more developments to the region.

Foreseeing the positive repercussions that the ring road will create, Genesis - Expat Properties’ apartment project will gain in value as well in the return on investment.

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