Nature in your home.

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Nature in your home.

Seeking inner peace and aspiring to awaken your inner Buddha in the maddening urban setup? End your quest to be one with nature by making natural elements an integral part of your home


Wood is one of the common elements that we use in our home; it could be polished and made to look like a luxury purchase or could be used as a distressed piece – either way it looks elegant. The challenge is to go beyond and utilise wood in an interesting way – wooden room dividers, floor or even faux ceiling will give a country-cottage appeal to your home. Wood like, teak and walnut make for splendid interiors. You can maintain a wooden-metal theme around your home to create a unique look. Bamboo can be easily incorporated in your home as a room divider, wall décor or could be a part of your seating area. A block of wood with some cushion can also be used for the seating area. While wood gives a rich luxurious look, bamboo manages to provide you with a calming interior. Be aware that wood is not as easy to maintain as other elements and requires regular maintenance.


Metal does seem like an unusual choice, but the utility is limitless. You can incorporate metal in the form of furniture, cabinets, shelves and a number of more options. Pradeep Singhvi, founder and CEO, Houseome says, “Metal is an element that provides you with the benefits of style, safety, strength and durability. However, metal is heavy; the finishing needs to be exemplary, and requires sporadic maintenance.”


Glass is undeniably chic and beautiful; it also accentuates light and provides you with ample natural light. Stained glass when combined with wooden doors and windows will light up the interiors in a colourful pattern. If you wish to keep the space a little private, opting for frosted glass is a good idea as they provide you with privacy as well as gives you the aura of an open space.


Abraham Santosh, head designer, Elegancia says, “Sedimentary rocks like, limestone, sandstone, travertine can be used for wall cladding or in the landscaped areas of your home such as the base of a pond or for tiling over grass covers. Travertine has a natural golden, metallic look and will turn any place into magic if laid on floors, bar counters or on sides of a pool in your house. Metamorphic rocks like marble or shale will be suitable as counter-tops, flooring or walls of a home for a classy yet, rustic look when shale is used.

Incorporating a stone or brick statement wall in your home has been a trend that is here to stay. If you do not like the rugged look of the brick wall, you can colour it with the colour of your choice; the texture still gives you the desired vibe. Volcanic rock like granite is a tough substance that is easy to clean, maintain and is economical for kitchen counters and staircases. Onyx is another rock that is formed dually on surface and underground, thus making it a rich combination of sparkles, iridescent colours and textures. Onyx can be used in the corners of your home, thus rounding away the edges and making the space an artistic feature in itself.” The only drawback of stone is that it’s susceptible to moisture damage.

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